My Favorite Halloween Memory.

On October 29th 2000 I went to Six Flags Over Georgia one more time before the end of the season. My Parents took me and my sister Kim there and We rode The Georgia Cyclone and Great American Scream Machine and The Terror Train. On The Terror Train right before the train starts to leave the station this man called Joshua C's comes running to the Conductor to warn him and the rest the people on the train about being turned into a Zombie if you eat or drink anything in the park. He continues to warn us as the train leaves the Fay. Station to go to the Marthaville Station. When we get to the other station the people of IN CORP who are the cause of some of the people in the park turning into Zombies are at The Marthaville Station. The head man of INCORP comes to the mic. And says. Some stuff and then he gets his men to grag Joshua C.'s out of the train car and put him in this silver thing that electros him and this team of S.W.A.T. members comes and shoots down all of the people of INCORP. And our train leaves the train station and takes us back to Fay. Station. P.S. On our way back to the Fay. Station just before we come to the bridge we ride pass this Huge Zombie Blender and theres this scary looking guy standing next to it and in the Blender we see splashes of blood.

Sunday Afternoon

This afternoon I went with Ny Parents to Wal-Mart and we got some food and stuff. After that we went to Krystal and we got Krystals and fries and I got a Coke and My Parents got two Teas. Daddy stopped by Food Depot and got us and Nu-Nu four cans of Bis.

Saturday and Sunday.

Sat. A.M. I got a Sausage Bis. And a Bottled Coke for breakfast. I went with My Parents to Wal-Mart and we got some sodas and food for next week. I also got a long sleeve button up Checkered shirt. And three DVD's and early Sun. I ate two Peperroni Pizza Hot Pockets and a Sam's Cola.

My Pet Cat Paid me a Visit.

My pet Cat Diego paid me a visit tonight. He sat on my Lap while he ate his Din-Din. After he ate he layed down on my lap for a while. I petted him a while too. Then he crawled to the chair that was next to us. And he layed on the brown chair for a while. He cleaned hisself and looked a round and then he jumped down and was walking like he was going to go under the end table but I picked him up and put him in front of the front door and before I let him out I picked him up and gave him a good-bye hug.

October 13-2021

I ate a Turkey Sub with Mayo Chips and Coke that Daddy got me from Subway. Mama got a Pizza. Daddy got a Cold Cuts Sub. Nu-Nu got a Cold Cuts Sub too but with no Olives. Mama's Pizza with Cheese and Tomatos and Cucumbers.

Tuesday's Dinner.

Daddy brought home some Chick-fla and I got 12 piece Chicken Nuggets with Waffle Fries and a Coke. Mama got 8 Piece Chicken Nuggets with Waffle Fries and Iced Tea. Daddy got a Chicken Sandwich with Waffle Fries and a Iced Tea. I also helped Mama make some Peanut Butter Cookies.

Monday's Dinner.

I went to the Doctor's Office for a EEG Test. My Parents took me there and back. We ate at home today. I cooked and ate some Chili and some Corn and I drank a Sam's Cola with it. My Parents ate Sal. Patties and Corn and Bis.

Sundays Dinner.

I went with Daddy to Checkers and to Taco Bell. At Checkers I got two Hot Dogs and a Spicy Chicken Sandwich for later and my Parents got two Checker Burgers and some Hot Dogs and at Taco Bell Daddy got Nu-Nu five Taco Supremes. Mama took Nu-Nu her Tacos and I ate my two Hot Dogs and later on tonight I'll eat my Chicken Sandwich.